German kitchens – quality and reliability

We trade in Nobilia kitchen furniture from Germany.
Kitchen appliances manufactured for the German market are also available.

Nobilia kitchens mean German quality

  • We are convinced that you will not be disappointed by our quality.
  • Change your life to the better and start with your kitchen!


The quality of materials and the manufacturing process comply with the German furniture manufacturing standards. We deliver cabinets and the rest prefabricated from the plant.

5 years warranty

The manufacturer gives 5 years warranty on kitchen furniture, and 2 years warranty and authorised warranty maintenance for household appliances.

Kitchen design

The full kitchen design cycle, from measuring work, 3D visualisations to manufacturing and assembly.

A short manufacturing time

Manufacturing time does not exceed 3 month.

Why should you choose a Nobilia kitchen?

A good price and manufacturing time

- the manufacturing time of your kitchen does not exceed 1 month
- the plant produces 3000 kitchens per day
- high quality solutions in various price groups
- technologies employed by Nobilia allow for cost reduction

Furniture with kitchen appliances

- kitchen appliances manufactured for the German market
- you will save time and money
- products from the leading manufacturers - Siemens, AEG, Bosch, Beko and others
- order – kitchen furniture and appliances – get it all in one package

Kitchens for large and small rooms

- style and function that does not depend on the size of the room
- design solutions allow to fit out your kitchen in a separate room or include it in an open plan
- compact solutions also for small rooms
- convenient storage systems for products and kitchenware allow to use the room efficiently

A broad choice

- over 100 front surfaces – laminate, MDF, acrylic, glass and natural wood
- suitable for classic or modern design
- a wide choice of worktops
- an extensive choice of colours – from muted to cheerful colours

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